img_0144edit.jpgThe role of CIRIAJASA CM in handling a project may be comparable to that of a dalang, the puppetmaster in a traditional Javanese wayang kulit performance.


With great dexterity, the dalang operates the puppets, sometimes playing simultaneously several charactes on each hand. He recites the part of each character, set the tempo of the story telling, occasionally giving signal to gamelan orchestra, the singers and the rest of the troupe for their dramatic support as the plot thickens. He seems to prossess a strong determination and endurance to accomplish his task, as well as a high precision in controlling every detail of the show, which typically starts early in the evening and lasts till dawn.

It is interesting to note that although he is master of the show, all the time the dalang stays humbly behind the stage screen. Only the dramatic shadows cast by his “wayang kulit” are visible as memorable proof of his excellent work.

Similarly, once commissioned, CIRIAJASA CM has the responsibility to manage and successfully bring the client’s projects to completion within the established budgets and timeframes. The minute details of scheduling and bringing all the components into play have to be incessantly monitored and controlled, with a seemingly superhuman effort. A high level of creativity and ingenuity is required to anticipate critical changes during the project execution that may demand improvisation. Ironically, when completed, a construction usually draws the public’s laudatory acclaim to the architect, the builder and engineer contractors, but seldom to the backstage project consultants.